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Teacher Powered Language Training


  • Learner Management

LearnBook lets you create groups of single or multiple learners to keep your training organised. Track their attendance and completion of your assignments, then export to PDF or CSV format. Remind learners of upcoming tasks with automated email deadlines and reminders.

  • Content Creation

Creating content in LearnBook is easy. Add text instructions and messages with your own video and audio recorded directly in the platform. Embed videos from popular sources like TED, YouTube and BBC News. Add your own files, vocabulary tables, images and web links. Organise all this into lessons and sections to keep your training clear and easy to navigate.

  • Templates

Running an online school is easy with templates. Select existing lessons and build copiable programmes to reuse whenever you want, reducing your preparation time and overall training cost.

  • Support

LearnBook is based on the Digitally Assisted Language Training approach, or DALT. Developed by LearnBook creator Richard Osborne, his Facebook page and YouTube channel serve as an ongoing source of training and advice regarding this new, innovative teaching approach that will make your LearnBook lessons motivating and engaging.



Teaching online reduces your presence time with learners, while maintaining the same level of rapport and quality


Sharing text, audio and video is as easy as other well-known social media tools, making life simple for both learners and teachers

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Copy and store existing lessons for future use. Build up your own teacher library of custom resources.

Every interaction in LearnBook is communicative. Focus on what matters - getting your learners to speak.



    1. Does LearnBook have pre-made training materials?

No, LearnBook is a blank canvas upon which to upload and share your existing training materials. We believe that quality language trainers don't need any help when it comes to content creation, as this is part of their bread and butter. LearnBook was designed to host a teacher's existing style and materials.

    2. Will it take a long time to create lessons?

The initial investment of your time will be greater than when you become more used to the LearnBook interface, though it has been designed to be very user-friendly, even for non-tech people, so the learning curve is short. That said, creating your first lessons will of course take longer than when you have a good bank of templates to use in the future.

    3. Do I need to be technology-minded to use LearnBook?

Absolutely not. LearnBook was designed to leverage existing general knowledge about common digital tools, such as mobile phones - taking pictures, videos and sending text messages. If you can use an internet browser and have some experience with a sharing platform like YouTube or Facebook, LearnBook will be easy to pick up and use.

    4. How can I be sure my learners will be motivated?

Richard Osborne, the creator of LearnBook, developed an innovative approach to digital training called Digitally Assisted Language Training, or DALT for short. He runs a Facebook page and YouTube channel, providing training and advice to language teachers on how to make their online lessons more motivating and engaging. LearnBook is entirely based on the DALT approach, so following Richard's advice will ensure your learners stay interested in what you've got to offer.

    5. Can my learners pay for training directly through LearnBook?

Not yet, but this feature is on our roadmap that will be coming in the near future.

    6. How much does it cost?

A subscription to LearnBook costs 30€ (36€ with taxes) per month. This is for one teacher account, with which you can add as many groups and learners, and as much content as you like. You can cancel at any time with no extra fees, and if you're not satisfied within the first 90 days of your subscription, you can ask for a full refund by writing to

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"I've been working in language training for 18 years and I could find no decent solution that enables teachers to customise their own content for their classes in a motivating and fun way. LearnBook is the answer and it will quickly become a standard for us all, of that I have no doubt."

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